Fasting Mimicking Breakthrough Showcased on American Health Journal on PBS

Science Behind ProLon Featured on Award-Winning Health Show, Broadcast to 100 Million Viewers

Los Angeles, Calif. –  April 24, 2018 – Since 1988, American Health Journal on PBS has educating the public on healthcare issues, including information on the latest medical treatments and discoveries. Starting in May, L-Nutra, Inc. CEO Joseph Antoun and ProLon’s inventor, Valter Longo, will be featured on this program in a series of interviews that cover breakthroughs in fasting mimicking.

“At American Health Journal on PBS, we’re always on the hunt for medical innovation, transformation and disruption as told by top doctors,” says AHJ Global Executive Producer, Michael Lesner. “Drs. Longo and Antoun have provided us with our first look at a new fast-mimicking diet. Scientifically developed and clinically tested, this nutritional breakthrough was invented at the Longevity Institute at University of Southern California. Amazingly, you eat, but still stay in a beneficial fasting mode and in much greater comfort. We know fasting is good. Now it’s enhanced, thanks to these world class doctors.”

American Health Journal is syndicated nationally; check your local listings for availability and time slots in your city. For more information about ProLon, please visit

About L-Nutra

L-Nutra’s team of researchers and collaborators are leaders in the field of nutrition related to Longevity and Healthspan. L-Nutra has the exclusive rights from the University of Southern California to market ProLon® and other FMDs, which mimic and enhance the effects of fasting, unleash the body’s natural ability to rejuvenate itself, and promote longevity. These technologies are the result of decades of lab research as well as preclinical and clinical trials to demonstrate safety and efficacy. For more information, please visit

About American Health Journal

American Health Journal has been produced by Windsor Broadcast Productions since 1988. The show is dedicated to educating the public on healthcare issues, providing the audience with important information on the latest medical treatments and discoveries. It is the winner of over 100 national and international awards and reaches an audience of over 100 million households.