More than 25 years ago Prof Valter Longo discovered for the first time a powerful nutritional strategy, that can awake inner rejuvenation and promote longevity. By doing 5 consecutive days of a Fasting Mimicking Diet™ with ProLon®, we can provide several beneficial effects to our body, by triggering a deep cellular clean-up and renewal through autophagy, and supporting the overall metabolic balance.

From simple models to humans, the scientific research has demonstrated a positive impact of these short periodic cycles of FMD™ associated with a healthy lifestyle, that include daily diet and physical activity. Clinical trials in different medical fields have been conducted to understand if it could be safe to apply this protocol not only in healthy people.

So, is it possible to prevent and control diseases also through fasting?

The latest scientific research has shown encouraging results on the application of a Fasting Mimicking Diet™ in people with specific diagnosis.

In a recent study about Type 2 Diabetes, published in 2021 in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, researchers showed that it promotes insulin awareness and regression of this health condition much more effectively than medication alone.

This protocol could be effectively integrated into clinical practice when combined with a personalised nutritional strategy. It demonstrated to be safe and well-tolerated, and could help people with Type 2 Diabetes who desire to change their condition and not just control their blood glucose with medication.

A new study from the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology led by Prof. Longo, published in the scientific journal Cell Reports in 2022, has shown that short cycles of a low-calorie Fasting Mimicking Diet™ reduce inflammation and delay cognitive decline in mouse models with Alzheimer’s Disease.

The initial data collected by the Team from a small clinical trial in human patients, diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment or mild Alzheimer's disease, indicate that this protocol is safe and feasible in those patients. Anyway, further tests are necessary to understand its effect on cognitive performance, inflammation, and other related aspects.

In another study conducted by Prof Valter Longo's team and published in Cell Reports in 2022, they tested in mouse models the efficacy of combining the Fasting Mimicking Diet™ with immunotherapy in triple-negative breast cancer, one of the most aggressive cancers and so far untreatable by targeted therapies.

The trial showed that a FMD™ can act on the tumour microenvironment and increase the effectiveness of immunotherapy. It reduces the occurrence of immune-related adverse events by preventing hyperactivation of the immune response. These results, combined with the successful data obtained from recent clinical trials, indicate that FMD™ cycles potentially improve the effectiveness of cancer therapies, including immunotherapy.

What about the application of ProLon®?

Aware of the potential of a Fasting Mimicking Diet™, the aim of L-Nutra has always been to make this protocol easy and feasible, so to reach all the people around the world. ProLon® can be used by healthy people who wish to change their lifestyle and support metabolic balance, working on body weight, energy, and mental clarity. Considering the encouraging results, the application of this protocol in specific diseases can be evaluated and recommended by Health Care Professionals for those patients who are in optimal conditions and could benefit from a cellular detox and renewal through ProLon®, including it into their clinical and nutritional strategy. What can we do? Every one of us, in our own small way, can support scientific research when possible, so to promote an ever-increasing use of the Fasting Mimicking Diet™!